Munich (München in German, Minga in Bavarian) is the capital city of the land of Bavaria (Bayern in German, Boarn in Bavarian), the largest state of Germany and the second most populated one. Munich itself is a large metropolis with well over a millions inhabitants, making it the 11th largest city in the European Union. A major political and economic center since late Middle Ages, Munich has many attractions for all kinds of travelers – provided you are not solely looking for beach life! What are our favorite attractions of Munich? We will describe them briefly here.

  • For those interested in history and architecture, a must visit location in Munich is the Marienplatz – main plaza around which the life in the city concentrated for most of its existence. You can admire the charming Old Town Hall and the massive New Town Hall (with famous dance of mechanical figures happening every day at 11 am) here, and if you visit in December take part in the world famous Christmas Market.
  • Nymphemburg is a large Baroque palacial and park complex that is worth visiting not only for the historical residence, but also the amazing garden kept to this day in peculiar baroque style, including the oldest hot house in Germany.
  • Munich Residenz is a large palace housing several monuments and museums, with several courtyards decorated with lush flora. On the other side of Residenz you can (and should!) visit Cuvillies Theater, an ideal setting for late Baroque operas performed in it to this day.
  • Visit the several museums on Königsplatz: State Antiquities Collection and Glyptothek, both focusing on ancient art, Old Picture Gallery focusing on Medieval European art, New Picture Gallery focusing on post-Medieval European art, State Gallery of Modern Art, focusing on 20th century art. Furthermore, on the plaza you can visit Lenbachhaus, an Italian style villa holding a large collection of modern paintings.
  • Old St. Peter’s Church was the church built after a great fire destroyed Munich in 1327 and under constant reconstructions until late 18th century. You can admire a fascinating combination of various styles in the church.
  • Asam Church is a beautiful Rococo church built and decorated fully according to design by Asam brothers, professional architects. It’s a pearl of 18th century architecture.
  • Finally, Theatine Church is a Baroque-Rococo church that took almost a century to complete.
What are the attractions of Munich? Photo by Diego Delso
What are the attractions of Munich? Photo by Diego Delso

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